Cecil Powell

Hi, my name is Cecil Powell, I have been seduced by the arts ever since I was a little tyke with a stick of chalk drawing on the sidewalk. But it wasn’t until I saw the Disney classic the Little Mermaid that I knew that one day I would be an artist in the entertainment industry. I would look forward to getting home from high school and tackling a clean sheet of paper with my weapons (Prismacolor markers). I was a gladiator in a parchment arena.  I later attended Ringling College of Art and Design for my bachelors in illustration where I solidified my fundamental art skills. Though life threw me a few curve balls over the next few years, I still kept my goals in mind.

My real break came when I was accepted into the University of Central Florida’s Masters of Science in Interactive Entertainment (Art) program. The opportunities that program opened for me has been phenomenal. Working in the industry has been exciting and I am always looking forward to expanding my horizons.